Kendall Jenner’s Inspired Makeup

Kendall Jenner's Inspired Makeup
Kendall Jenner’s Inspired Makeup
Luxury Makeup - (Kendall Jenner's Inspired Makeup)
Kendall Jenner’s Inspired Makeup

Kendall  Jenner is an American fashion model and television personality,
Kendall  Jenner Became the Breakout Model of Her Generation , In a new video for VogueKendall gets her makeup done by the best MUAs in the world for fashion shows and photo shoots  with all her sisters in the show @keepingupwiththekardashians 

Luxury Makeup - (Kendall Jenner's Inspired Makeup)
Kendall Jenner’s Inspired Makeup

Makeup talk:

Kendall’s final few steps include bronzer and lipstick, she opts not to use older sister Kim’s contour set or younger sister Kylie’s lip kit. Instead, she keeps it simple by swiping bronzer — “my favorite part!” — under her cheekbones, all over her neck and across her eyelids, and dabbing just enough lipstick on her lips to play up her natural color and topping it with gloss

Step 1: Foundation
brushes on super lightly, focusing on the  under-eye area, jawline, and T-zone
Step 2: Eyebrows
Brush your eyebrows and line them with a eyeliner of your brand
Step 3: Bronzer
Use a brush and apply bronzer  under cheekbones, all over neck and across eyelids
Step 3: Curl the lashes
 curl your lashes it s wakes up your face

step 4: Eyeshadow

Use the same bronzer and apply and create an eyeshadow with a round movement super cill and super simple
Step 5: Mascara
Uses the Mascara brush to coat every single lash and build up slowly
Step 7: Cheeks
Blush your cheeks with a pitch color and do round movement all over your face   
Step 8: Lips
For lips  dab just lipstick on your lips to play the natural color and top it with gloss. 
Step 9: Final Touches
 Use a clean brush and use SLAY ALL DAY SETTING SPRAY LAVENDER to increases the look 

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