7 simple Ways to Make your Foundation Look Natural, Not Cakey

6. Hurrying to use all alternative products

Perfect makeup application demands some time and attention. If you are in a hurry, it is better not to opt for a detailed makeup routine. After applying each product, it is vital to give some time to set the product. Using a blush with a blush brush on the wet foundation will displace the foundation and make it muddy and streaky. The same thing applies to all the contouring and highlighting products too! After applying the foundation give it some time (around 5 minutes) to dry and set. Apply the translucent powder next and then use all other products. The translucent powder helps to create a silky smooth base and the blush, contour and highlighting products glide easily on it without leaving any patch or streak.

7. Wrong touch up technique

I used to do this now and then and suffered for years without even understanding what is exactly going wrong. Puffing some more powder on the already oily and sweaty skin never helps. It leads to a dull finish like the oil, sweat, and dust mix up, and altogether it looks super patchy and cakey. So, whenever you want to do a touch-up, first make sure to remove the excess oil using oil-blotting sheet. Next, use the translucent powder to set the foundation patches that are not looking perfect instead of using it on the whole face.