7 simple Ways to Make your Foundation Look Natural, Not Cakey

3. Using thick, heavy coverage foundation

Many foundations look alluring as they claim to give heavy coverage and a perfect finish. Now, these foundations are quite thick and are not supposed to use for daily makeup or even party makeup. Generally, makeup artists use these products on models for photoshoots, television, and ramp walk; trust me, their application techniques, setting techniques are pretty different than what you follow. Also, they don’t need their makeup to last all day long, and they get enough scope to fix the makeup in-between. For your requirement, it is best to use a lightweight foundation with medium coverage that won’t look heavy on the face. For hiding the flaws, you are already using the concealer!

4. Wrong application technique

Just like the product you are using, your application technique is also essential. Generally, women use three tools for blending their makeup- fingers, brushes, and blending sponges. Now, when you use your finger to rub the product, your skin gets sensitive. The dry patches start showing up, and your oil glands get activated, the pimples and red spots become prominent, and even after putting on layers that skin will look sick and wounded. Using a makeup brush is not a good idea either as it often leads to streaky lines and you won’t get even layer of foundation all over. Now you are probably wondering about the makeup artists who apply foundation correctly with brushes or fingers. But they are specialized in doing so; you cannot compare their skills with your skills! For us, the best possible way is to take some product on the blending sponge and dabbing it gently all over the face. This way, the product gets inside the skin without looking streaky, and your flaws will never get highlighted and prominent.

5. Using a heavy compact on the foundation

Using a heavy compact on the foundation
Using a heavy compact on the foundation

Many women use the heavily pigmented compacts on the foundation as they want even more coverage. But it makes the makeup heavier and chances of caking increases. Such compacts are foundations in the pressed powder form and are supposed to be used alone on primer with a little concealer. The best option to set your foundation is using the translucent loose powder. The powder does not add any layer but helps the foundation to stay in place. Also instead of using a powder brush (that will displace the foundation to some extent) use a sponge to dab the powder (which locks the powder and foundation together).